TaKtiX: Laurence J Sinclair

Laurence J Sinclair has been playing the Warlord CCG since the release of the game - mainly thanks to that killer Rathe art. He even stuck with it through that dark time involving Campaign Rathe art. Now he is a playtester and a member of the Warlord Story Team - guiding the armies of the Accordlands into an uncertain future.


Fork Over the Destiny, Handsome

A Stolen Destinies reveal is coming this weekend in London, and I'm nowhere near ready.

Previously, when attempting Dragon Lord challenges, I've used the mighty Lord Netheryn as my champion, even if I have yet to meet with success. Following AEG's Christmas bundle deals, I'm now adequately enough stocked with Overlords and Dragon Lords to have several attempts at taking down more DL and possibly even a cohort or two. It's just that, without my favourite triple-classer warlord available to use, I'm going to have to think up some new schtick.

Huntress Volda does have the familiar cleric/fighter mix going on, as well as the 'whoops, try again' aspect if she happens to die just before finishing the opponent. Tanning Knives all the way, or something.

The Lady of Mercy, of course, has the cheese factor of amplifying the number of hits that the army can pull off, and the stunning ability is none too shabby either. May feel a bit cheap using her, though.

Then there are the myriad of possible combinations that are waiting out there in those cards, one doubtless worthy enough of a victory. It's just finding the time and dedication to simply sit down and run through the process of working out which ones are useful. Some people have the knack of just sitting down and throwing out a deck list or concept really easily, but I'm more likely to just put it off for as long as possible.

At this rate, I may have something ready during the actual journey to the capital...

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