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Laurence J Sinclair has been playing the Warlord CCG since the release of the game - mainly thanks to that killer Rathe art. He even stuck with it through that dark time involving Campaign Rathe art. Now he is a playtester and a member of the Warlord Story Team - guiding the armies of the Accordlands into an uncertain future.


Winning Without Class

I may not be sticking to any sort of regular schedule with the adding of posts to this column, but with dissertations, exams and the sudden knowledge that I'm being dragged to ELITE, I'e been a little rushed off my feet.

Anyway, I shall be getting back on track with that whole grand plan that I laid out some time previous very shortly. Now, when I mentioned last week doing this class by class series of posts, I had thought to do the four main classes in alphabetical order, followed by the various combinations of multi-classes, with the subclasses slotting in somewhere along the way.

Then I realised that I was missing out on the classless warlords, who rightfully fit right in there at the start if we're talking alphabetical ordering.

Of course, most of them aren't Campaign legal, and those that are are unique to say the least, so I think that I can cover them all briefly here.

Adarymy may be classless, but can use fighter and rogue items, so can be thought of as a multiclasser in many ways. She can happily build up a suitably powerful mix of equipment while hiding behind her stupidly impressive army of leel 1 characters. Every expansion it gets better and better, with Brother Dominy and Spencer Latham being just two of the most obvious recent entries...

Andelwick and Kedric can be lumped together as the two Monk warlords. Since monks have such a small card pool of actions and items available to them, both have to rely on cutting away the chaff and using what little good stuff is available. Kedric is helped out a little more by having a little bit of fighter mojo working for him, and the benefits of all those tasty FreeK characters, but Andelwick has an ability that is pretty useful, and became een more abuseable with the stunning tech made available in Dragon's Fury and Eye of the Storm. Kedric could be backed up by a traditional FreeK line-up, possibly favouring fighters a little more, while Andelwick may try out a little clerical support...

And finally Raziel. Blind the Gods was supposedly the death-knell for the poor sap. But even leaving aside that fact, there is very little that he himself suggests to a deck. He's not a pro-active warlord. Rather than advance an agenda himself, he messes with the opponent's head and hand. Far better for a dec built around him to run itself, throwing out low level characters that work in isolation, as any card-reliant combo isn't going to hold up to a need to discard. He blitzes fast, before the enemy realises that he has no real kill mechanism.

Right, so that's those reprobates dealt with succinctly. The real, potentially more in-depth, work will commence with the next post, addressing the a possible use of cleric warlords.


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