TaKtiX: Laurence J Sinclair

Laurence J Sinclair has been playing the Warlord CCG since the release of the game - mainly thanks to that killer Rathe art. He even stuck with it through that dark time involving Campaign Rathe art. Now he is a playtester and a member of the Warlord Story Team - guiding the armies of the Accordlands into an uncertain future.



Since I need to be distracted from this dissertation that I'm trying to write, I may as well make my inaugural post here about the other thing that's currently taking up my time.

Seeing as how it's been around a week since I properly got my mitts on some of those fancy new Eye of the Storm cards for Warlord, I've been spending the intervening time trying to put together decks for the new warlords, decks for old warlords that have one or two new cards that could be good for them, an up-to-date Lord Netheryn deck, etc.

I've realised that I need more floor space.

Y'see, when I sit down to slap a deck or six together, I go through a process probably quite unlike any that most o' you happy folk out there do. Rather than dig out the cards that I need to build the deck - although a few eye-catchers that inspired the construction in the first place might jump to my attention first - I insist on going through every card one by one, weighing it up on its merits before adding it to the pile or discarding it out of hand. By the end of this process, I'll have a way-more-than-fifty-cards monstrosity in need of a good shearing.

While this may be a time-consuming process, it does allow me to look again upon previously forgotten cards and bring them back to prominence, as well as perhaps inspiring more decks at the same time, creating a new cycle of events. It also makes the deck-building process itself that little bit more fun. Rather than a boring, mechanical 'plonk in the Exhaustions and Kapix and...' ritual, it becomes something that I actually participate in. Albeit at the cost of a lot of floorspace.

Which is why I'm happy that Epic Edition is coming. 'Cuz it'll cut down the number of cards that I have to sort through at any one time. Not that I find the large number at the moment any less enjoyable. Of course. Taking a picnic lunch makes an afternoon of it.


At Friday, May 19, 2006 5:03:00 pm, Blogger Rich Carter said...

Laurence - I completely understand the Floorspace. My own method usually starts with a note pad with 5 or more deck frameworks written out (typically no more than a couple of card combos), then I thumb through the box of "cards to be sorted" making a series of piles of cards that 'could' work for each deck. Then I take the monster piles and massage them into decks.


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